JEC World Composites 2018 Show

JEC World Composites 2018 Show

Certain events are unavoidable when one is interested in composite materials, this is the case of the JEC WORLD exhibition which takes place every year in the Paris region, at the Villepinte exhibition park.

As an exhibition with international vocation, we discover composite materials in all their forms.

From dry fabrics to manufactured parts from various horizons, including tooling to facilitate the implementation of technical operations.

This year, we had the pleasure of being invited to present our circular economy and carbon fiber recycling initiatives.

Real stake of the future, we had a very favorable reception.

Industrialists, technicians, engineers, students or a passionate visitor, the interest you have shown in the Recycling Carbon project was a real source of motivation for the present team.

To date, the available solutions are meager and sometimes go against good ecological practices.

Our solutions are simple, modern and rely on powerful web tools to facilitate relationships.

Driven by the emergence of clean solutions, we continue to bring research to address the volumes and complexity of waste generated by the composite industry.

The desire of industrialists to join the movement will mark in the months and years to come a turning point in the production and treatment of carbon fiber waste.

Good carbon fiber waste management will enable industries such as medical, sports, automotive and construction to benefit from lower cost carbon fiber while being part of a virtuous ecological circle.

The Recycling Carbon association is able to issue a certificate to companies joining the network.

The purpose of this certificate is to show the willingness to be part of solutions to improve the treatment of carbon fiber waste.

Because society is evolving, consumers are sensitive to eco-responsible corporate actions. Ecological fight and battle of images, we accompany voluntary companies to boost their ecological and social policies.

The support offered by Recycling Carbon makes it possible to have a balance sheet of its waste production and to take part in an approach to reduce the volume in a simple way.

The traceability of waste carbon fiber is a guarantee of seriousness that can benefit members of the network.

The JEC show is also an opportunity to discover innovations that revolve around composite materials.

Lightness and strength, intrinsic characteristics of carbon fiber, help push the limits of the possible.

The JEC WORLD show is growing and we are convinced that the Innovation / Environment Cluster will expand in the years to come.

The start-ups of the Recycling Carbon network are teeming with ideas that will make the world of tomorrow different.

We take advantage of this blog post to warmly thank all the team of the JEC for allowing us to exhibit during these 3 days which were punctuated by beautiful encounters.

Thank you.

The Recycling Carbon Team


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