Carbon fiber in 2024 Olympic Games

Carbon fiber in 2024 Olympic Games

Paris 2024 is no longer a dream. It is a very beautiful reality.

The Olympic Games will be held in France in less than 7 years. It is an ambitious project that will put France, even before the deadline, in the center of the world.
This is a golden opportunity to assert, or reaffirm, for the attention of the greatest audience to which we can aspire, the concerns that drive us and the values ​​that we defend, and which are an extension of the precepts of Pierre De Coubertin.

The Olympic Games are not just about sport.
It is essential that the subject of sustainable development, and more specifically that of the treatment of carbon fiber waste, be highlighted.
More than half of the disciplines practiced at the Olympic Games include carbon fiber in their equipment.
Athletes use more and more powerful equipment often subjected to severe test.

The history of the creation of the association Recycling Carbon, and its collaboration with the company Sports Carbone, testifies to the role that the carbon fiber occupies in the development of the equipment manufacturer and the technologies in the field of the sport.

As we explained in a previous post, many disciplines have been able to make incredible progress in terms of performance through the use of carbon fiber. The right return of things would be that the sports environment, especially the high level, takes the environmental issues of eco-responsible treatment of composites.

It is only the Olympic Games to give universal subjects an international dimension. The association Recycling Carbon, in conjunction with the sports federations and the public authorities, are hopeful to raise the issue of the treatment of carbon fiber waste on the podium.
The preparation is just beginning.

Our opportunity study highlighted the lack of information held by sports federations around composite materials.
Good practices are not disclosed in clubs, often leading to ecological and health abuses.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of sports using carbon fiber:
Athletics, rowing, badminton, canoeing, cycling, football, golf, hockey, swimming, equestrian sports, tennis, table tennis, shooting, archery, sailing, …

Below is a concrete example of the evolution of pole-making materials, allowing athletes to discover new heights:

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