Carbon fiber, ubiquitous in the world of sport

Carbon fiber, ubiquitous in the world of sport

Because of its properties, carbon fiber is intrinsically sporty. The fibers are unified to make a single body and reveal rare qualities of flexibility, lightness and robustness. As in collective disciplines, unity is strength. Well, the metaphor is slightly pushed but it makes us happy, and above all, it corresponds to our identity and a significant part of our activity.

Carbon fiber is more and more included in the sports equipment manufacturer. Tennis rackets, ice hockey sticks, road and all terrain bikes, skis, snowboards, surfboards, F1 cars, flippers, and the list is still long, all these equipments are carbon fiber, and are all materials that must be integrated into a recycling circuit of carbon fiber. Individuals are not aware of the existence of carbon fiber recycling treatment and are completely unaware of the risks they face in handling their damaged equipment. There are countless bikes, to name a few, which are found in a bucket where they have no place, becoming polluting and dangerous products on the health plan. The question arises less for formulas 1. Everyone is not lucky to be able to get one out of their garage for the weekends !

The Recycling Carbon association goes further than carbon recycling since we run sensitization sessions on the singularity of certain equipment that is an integral part of the daily lives of many athletes. Users must know what to do in case of breakage, or if they simply want to get rid of their gear with which they practice their passion. The recycling of carbon fiber concerns the sports environment that feeds on the prowess that allows the material to optimize performance. This idea of ​​responsibility is fully in line with the values ​​of sport.

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