Circular Wastes joins the Recycling Carbon network !

Circular Wastes joins the Recycling Carbon network !

We welcome the Circular Wastes startup to join the Recycling Carbon network!

The circular economy is attracting increasing interest in the industrial landscape. Inseparable from the notions of ecology and sustainable development, it has become indispensable to the realization of projects that will make tomorrow’s world. The carbon fiber sector, a source of innovation, is no exception to this beneficial trend.

Circular Wastes, a consulting and advisory startup, is founded by two young entrepreneurs whose motto is “to promote the benefits of carbon fiber by limiting the environmental impact of its operation. “Their work with companies is to comb through all logistical processes of production and use of the material to reduce waste volumes. They create the conditions for the adoption by industrial players of logics that are more respectful of our environment and no less aware of economic realities.

It is on the basis of an audit that Circular Wastes proposes a roadmap spread over the short, medium and long term. By using the services of the startup, companies are demonstrating their desire to treat their carbon fiber waste in an environmentally responsible manner and thus to comply with the increasingly strict regulatory and legislative framework. The goal of these two entrepreneurs in ecological fiber is to “reduce the ultimate waste and reduce the treating costs of professionals”. In other words, everyone is receives and our environment wins big. Eco-design, repair, recycling, reuse are possible paths that are still too little borrowed today.

The startup is distinguished by involving employees from different departments such as hygiene, production and communication, to encourage internal involvement within the company. The entire chain is redesigned taking into account the needs and constraints of each link, for the sake of optimization and harmonization. By orienting composite waste towards sectors that promote innovation and progress, Circular Wastes intends to establish itself in French, European and even more industries. It is a helping hand to companies that can no longer hide behind the lack of solutions. They are there, they exist. Some are to be adopted, others are to be co-built. Circular Wastes brings us the spark that will ignite the resistance.

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