For a better compliance of the carbon fiber with the charter of the environment

For a better compliance of the carbon fiber with the charter of the environment

When it comes to preserving our planet and its natural resources, so is carbon fiber composite waste, just like any other composite material.

It is good in this case to refer to legal and recognized texts that set the limits not to cross and the environmental imperatives that must not be divested. Constitutional law n ° 2005-205, relative to the charter of the environment and its 10 articles allow the industry of the carbon fiber to be located as for the environmental compliance that Recycling Carbon calls for.

The charter says that: “Everyone must live in a balanced environment and respect for health. ”

We are entitled to ask ourselves about the effects of waste from carbon production falls on humans. A report from the environmental and occupational health safety agency highlights real risks, caused by carbon fiber, on humans.
Recycling Carbon will devote an entire blog post to this report.

The charter says that we have the “duty to take part in the preservation and improvement of the environment. “Fault of applied solutions on a large scale, the industry of the carbon fiber does not ensure this responsibility. This is why Recycling Carbon encourages the emergence of a broader professional responsibility.

The charter says that: “Every person must prevent the attacks that it is likely to bring to the environment or, failing that, limit the consequences. “Recycling Carbon then considers that it is necessary to lift the opacity that reigns over the future of composite waste.

The charter says that: “Everyone must contribute to the repair of the damage it causes to the environment, under the conditions defined by law. The law must define the conditions for repairing environmental damage. This is where Recycling Carbon goes in writing a law.

The charter states that: “public authorities shall, by applying the precautionary principle, ensure the implementation of risk assessment procedures and the adoption of measures to counteract the damage. Recycling Carbon has called on various ministries and legislators to urgently regulate the treatment of carbon fiber waste.

The charter states that: “Everyone has the right to access environmental information held by public authorities and to participate in the drawing up of decisions. ”

Recycling Carbon urges industrial stakeholders to centralize composite waste in one place to dispel suspicions of landfill and develop innovative recycling and re-use alternatives.

The charter says: “This charter inspires European and international action in France.”

This is a strong ambition that requires us to constantly question the conformity of our industrial models. There is no individual incrimination, there must be only collective responsibility and solutions.

You can consult the constitutional law n ° 2005-205, relative to the charter of the environment:

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