The strength of the Recycling Carbon network

The strength of the Recycling Carbon network

Join the Recycling Carbon network, and like our many partners, show your commitment to preserving natural resources.

A study conducted on the use of carbon fiber in the industrial and sporting sector, has allowed us to note that companies and federations are not aware of good practices in terms of health and environmental prevention.

Developed from a petroleum derivative, the manufacture of carbon fiber consumes energy. To reduce the environmental impact of its production, and the use that is made of it, a solution for recycling carbon fiber is essential.

Carbon fiber also presents serious health risks that should be known to limit the consequences for professionals and users. The report of the French Agency for Environmental and Occupational Health Safety, to which we refer, is downloadable: Here.

The actors of the Recycling Carbon network are committed to adopting and disseminating good practices, both in terms of material handling and waste treatment.

The association Recycling Carbon provides powerful tools to the network, in accordance with the needs and specificities of the members. Access to an online platform makes it easy to download awareness and communication tools and ensures better traceability of composite waste.

Members are invited to participate in thematic meetings and take part in collaborative working groups. Thus, the synergies between the members of the network make it possible to solve problems related to composite materials, and to design, together, the technological innovations that will make the world of tomorrow. We know that the problem of the eco-responsible treatment of carbon fiber can be solved only if the actors concerned unite around a common interest.

Since we are only passing through our planet, we decide to proclaim loudly and loudly a message of hope and optimism to future generations. This is the meaning of our commitment to the preservation of natural resources and efficient and responsible economic growth.

Whether you are a company, a startup, an association, a federation or a sports club, involved in the challenges of carbon fiber processing, we invite you to join the network of the Recycling Carbon association.

To join the Recycling Carbon network, association French law 1901, simply fill this form : File of adhesion.

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