World Efficiency Show

World Efficiency Show

France has a role to play in animating the preservation of our planet.

Through events such as the #OnePlanetSummit, #WorldEfficiency, #Pollutec, companies, associations, start-ups, students, schools proudly present their initiatives that move the lines and codes with a more respectful vision. nature.

On the occasion of World Efficiency, we presented our carbon fiber recycling initiatives, a strategic material for the most advanced industries.
We have proudly displayed our achievements in terms of circular economy and the extensive possibilities in terms of recycling of composite materials.

As of January 2018, our solutions will be available to industrialists wishing to participate in the adventure of recycling carbon fiber.
Accompanying our experts, will enable manufacturers working with composite materials to reduce their environmental impact and comply with constitutional laws with traceability of waste.

The meetings we held from 12 to 14 December 2017, at the Porte de Versailles exhibition in Paris, highlighted the need for our carbon fiber recycling initiatives.

Our team presented in a fun way the carbon fiber and its mechanical properties.

The World Efficiency show was a gateway to the world of recycling and eco-responsible initiatives.
We met people from around the world to whom we shared our need for funding.

The circular economy around carbon fiber presents strong economic and social prospects for our country.
We carry our project with a European dimension.
As a reminder, we recorded a growth of 459% in 5 years.
We are ready to take up the challenge of recycling carbon fiber.

Philanthropists, investors, industrialists, public authorities, visionary friends, join us.


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